Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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ENERGY is merely a word. - Michael Frost (1954-20??

"It does not require many words to speak the truth." - Chief Joseph (1840–1904)

Two Truth’s that stand on their own.

Our belief or disbelief does not alter reality. Seeing is not understanding in reality.

Inasmuch as “energy” is a word, an abstraction and only of the mind, it is an imaginary construct incapable of tangible existence. “Energy”, a word can interface only with other nonexistent abstractions of the mind. The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from interacting and attaining parity with the tangible; Matter.

The physical manifestation of this is that without matter in motion there is no Kinetic “energy”, without matter at rest there is no Potential “energy”, and without matter at all there is no “energy” or physical reality at all.

If you think I'm being vague and evasive about energy then have a look at and ponder what Richard Feynman, one of the best known physicists of the twentieth century said:

"It is important to realize that in physics today, we have no knowledge of what energy is. We do not have a picture that energy comes in little blobs of a definite amount".

Or perhaps these words from a man named David Rose (MIT engineering professor famous for his work in fusion, energy, and nuclear engineering):

"Energy is an abstract concept invented by physical scientists in the nineteenth century to describe quantitatively a wide variety of natural phenomena".


Now do you understand and accept that “energy” itself is only a word and as such is incapable of doing any real WORK as the word WORK is defined by men of physics?

“Energy” is an abstract CON-cept invented by men as an expedient to claim superior knowledge of that which they do not know and remain unable to explain.

Kinetic energy present in matter in motion is the true Nature of all energy that is capable of doing any useful work for man, which requires Mechanical energy in Nature and its reality!  

Matter itself is real and tangible, “Energy” is not.

Now pay very close attention;

Despite a top physicist having NO “knowledge” of what “energy” IS you will find

"Energy" is “defined” to mean the power and ability to do work.

 "Power" is defined to be the “Force” to move an “object” in “Space”.

 "Work" is defined to mean moving an object some distance in space over “Time”.

"Energy" is not fuel and fuel is not "Energy".  Nuclear, gasoline, oil, natural gas, bio fuels are not "energy" they are fuels that must be converted into power and are consumed in the process.

All of the fuels mentioned above do have Potential "energy" but are incapable of doing meaningful work directly. Unless of course you are intent on radiating, burning, suffocating, enslaving, dominating others and or are intent on enriching yourself without regard for life. Although the processes differ fuel to fuel the end result is the same, more pollution and deaths. It is a Miracle we have not killed ourselves already, though we might already be destined to go the way of the Dodo birds.

American Heritage Dictionary defines fuel as a noun.

   1. Something consumed to produce energy, especially:

       1. A material such as wood, coal, gas, or oil burned to produce heat or power.

       2. Fissionable material used in a nuclear reactor.

       3. Nutritive material metabolized by a living organism; food.

"Energy" is not Wind, Water, or Solar. These three are again fuels, much cleaner than those mentioned above with each requiring specialized conversion equipment, and each having practical application limitations that vary geographically as governed by Nature.

Important thoughts to grasp are:

“Energy” can be, and is produced, by CON-sumption.

“Energy” is produced from con-suming and con-verting fuel to POWER.

Erase and forget the “word” “energy” from your mind, it is a CON-JOB.

People need knowledge which is power, not FUEL to be con-sumer slaves, working their life away to support the parasitical and predatory among us.

We need “POWER to the PEOPLE” to live as Free People.

So logically we must understand what “Power” is, turning again to:

American Heritage Dictionary defines power as relates to “energy” in:

10. Physics.

The rate at which work is done, expressed as the amount of work per unit time              and commonly measured in units such as the watt and horsepower.

11. Electricity.

   The product of applied potential difference and current in a direct-current circuit.

  The product of the effective values of the voltage and current with the cosine of the        phase angle between current and voltage in an alternating-current circuit.

We clearly see POWER is nothing but the rate WORK is done at over a period of TIME.

We also clearly it is measured in HORSEPOWER and watts of ELECTRICITY.

To be sure you do not miss the point you are supposed to be paying attention to:

there is still something missing in all of this “energy” crap. That something is FORCE.

McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia: Force; in relevant part provides

Force may be briefly described as that influence on a body which causes it to accelerate. In this way, force is defined through Newton's second law of motion.  ……. &

This law states in part that the acceleration of a body is proportional to the resultant force exerted on the body and is inversely proportional to the mass of the body.  …… ……. Newton's second law inextricably links mass and force. See also Acceleration; Mass.  …… &

One may choose .. the absolute … approach in selecting a standard particle or object. In the so-called absolute systems of units, it is said that the standard object has a mass of one unit. Then the second law of Newton defines unit force as that force which gives unit acceleration to the unit mass. Any other mass may in principle be compared with the standard mass (m) by subjecting it to unit force and measuring the acceleration (a), with which it varies inversely. By suitable appeal to experiment, it is possible to conclude that masses are scalar quantities and that forces are vector quantities which may be superimposed or resolved by the rules of vector addition and resolution.

In the absolute scheme, then, the equation F = ma is written for nonrelativistic mechanics; boldface type denotes vector quantities. This statement of the second law of Newton is in fact the definition of force. In the absolute system, mass is taken as a fundamental quantity and force is a derived unit of dimensions MLT−2 (M = mass, L = length, T = time). ……   Read more:

…..… yada yada yada concerning gravity which is a weak force compared to the ELECTRIC FORCE of NATURE.

On a practical level, meaning one anyone and anywhere can do real “work” with "Energy" it will be in fact either Potential or Kinetic. PERIOD ! In fact it will involve MATTER. Most often OBJECTS made of SOLID MATTER to be specific.

Kinetic energy is the "energy" of Matter in motion, moving in space, over time. & Matter is an object, something having substance, mass. It exists in gaseous, liquid, and solid forms or “states”.

Albert Einstein's famous E=mc2 equation is but a clue to "Energy", one of the most misused, least understood words used.

Mr. Einstein's theory is: Matter accelerated through space to the speed of light squared equals/becomes ENERGY. That alone is very telling. Please notice Matter, and Velocity are all that is required. We must presume the Matter occupies space and is upon an endless path due to the speed involved. With the above in mind, the "energy" he theorizes can only be Kinetic. We have already learned from his discoveries that we are incapable of dealing with even the speed of light let alone squared or even the low "energy" of Atom splitting nuclear devices, bombs.

In reality and at less than Relativistic Velocities we already are able to extract "energy" from Wind and Water fuels by using Windmills, Waterwheels, Machines of Classical Mechanics. This is possible because Wind is Air, Air is Matter in gaseous form, and Water is Matter in liquid form. Either form is Matter and when any Matter is in motion Kinetic "energy" is present. Both of these machines require Volumes of Matter in motion having Velocity to harvest Kinetic "energy", as mechanical energy. Both require continuous supply of Kinetic/Mechanical energy/power else the work of turning their generators and producing the electricity comes to a stop.

Mechanical “energy” is the power of Kinetic "energy" doing work.

Kinetic/Mechanical energy is the primary energy we use on this planet. If you look deep enough you will find it is behind most of everything we do that is BENEFICIAL to normal thinking people. (Meaning those concerned with being Free.)

When in fact most of what we think "energy" is must first be converted from fuel to power then to force then to Mechanical “energy” to be used to power a conventional Alternator/Generator to harvest from Nature its Electrical Force to do our Work .

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is accepted as fact and known by the scientific and physics communities.

Placing ANY matter in motion requires Force to overcome Inertia and friction.

ANY and ALL Matter in motion DEVELOPS Kinetic energy within the Matter itself by an act of Nature.


I certainly agree there are losses with every conversion, transfer of "energy", power or force. We know this to be fact and true. My research and thoughts on why it is like it is go deep but suffice it to say we have been doing things for centuries that are not as efficient as they can be. As men we unnecessarily tend to over complicate everything we do. Ponder this: If E = mc2 : then

1. What form of "energy" was Albert thinking of?

2. What state of matter? Any and All matter or unobtainium?

3. If a particle of matter becomes "Pure energy" at the speed of light squared is that not a conversion and subject to the same losses we live with today? Or would that mean that we "created energy" which we have already ruled out as not within our capability as mortal men to "create" anything, let alone "energy" itself?

4. Would the "energy" DEVELOP progressively with Velocity or just poof into existence all of a sudden?

5. Would not two particles double the energy by simple addition?

6. Would not multiple particles simply multiply the energy?

What do we get if we DEVELOP and ADD ADDITIONAL "ENERGY" exceeding the very real losses at every such conversion we currently accept as just the way it is?

We reach a level of EFFICIENCY presently unknown that could and should have been put in practice 100 years ago. Believe it or not, that level is available right now in this Time slice, of this reality. I do not say this is the best method, I have an open mind to the possibility of many others but felt a more urgent need to work toward addressing practical solutions to very real "energy" problems we all face in the here and now.

Here’s how it works;

First a few important things for one to ground their thoughts to as they read.

1. Man should have learned the Truth of his inability to "Create" anything.

2. Matter and or Energy cannot be created or destroyed. They can be converted to other forms, and transferred at mechanical advantage to other objects in accord with conservation of energy laws efficiently, by a variety of methods.

3. This man has been allowed Time to learn how to DEVELOP HORSEPOWER MECHANICALLY, & Electro-Mechanically, & Hydro-Electro-Mechanically .

4. Throughout history; Everything was impossible up to the moment someone did what was previously impossible.

Basic Concept: Placing Solid Matter, in motion as "Fuel".
DEVELOPING HORSEPOWER to put more matter in
motion with Mechanical Advantage and TIME differential.


ONE METHOD (of several identified so far) - (Super short explanation)

a. Input energy continuously. (any kind) (Electrical energy is easiest and best, my opinion)

b. Convert the input energy to Kinetic energy, by placing solid matter in motion. (If/as necessary for your choice of energy input)

c. Transmit the converted energy Mechanically at/with a Mechanical Advantage (leverage) to develop additional force/power, at higher pressure.

d. Receive the input, converted, DEVELOPED and multiplied energy total into another solid matter object, also in motion, also DEVELOPING Kinetic energy of its own mechanically in ADDITION to the received total.

Right here you already have a total energy available per second far above the original input per second and at higher pressure.

e. Transfer the total energy into another mechanically isolated rotating flywheel.

f. This wheel is also DEVELOPING Kinetic energy.

g. Convert the mechanical energy of the rotating flywheel into electrical energy using a conventional alternator/generator.

KEY FACT: Less Watts of electrical energy are consumed per second than Watts/Horsepower developed per second.

Understand that you cannot use the output at f. to supply input a. - Doing so causes exponential decay of system Velocities and introduces one to the reality of Entropy, a part of the second law of thermodynamics.

Besides that, it would be an exercise in insanity, attempting "Perpetual motion" of the well defined first and second kind that 400 years of efforts have not been able to achieve.

KEY FACT: TWO (or more) SYSTEMS ARE REQUIRED to work around "Entropy", which means when the power of a "closed system" becomes unusable to itself. This fact becomes evident when one reads a complete scientific definition of entropy beyond the part about disorder, disarray, uncertainty of state are not relevant to solid matter as fuel machines.

Understand that because this process requires CONTINUOUS ENERGY INPUT these types of machines are not "Perpetual Motion". Nor are they "Over unity" because there is no such thing as "Over unity". Because unity has already been defined to be the whole of a thing, anything. There is no concrete evidence of "Zero point" energy either.

This process is Mechanical in Nature: PERIOD. This process uses Mechanical energy which is the primary form of energy from Nature. I write primary form because it is present in all matter regardless of state. Consider this:

"Matter itself is a form of energy!" "This concept involves one of the most famous formula's in physics, the formula, E=mc2.  This formula was discovered by Einstein as part of his "Theory of Special Relativity". In simple words, this formula means:

The energy intrinsically stored in a piece of matter at rest equals its mass times the speed of light squared.

When we plug numbers in this equation, we find that there is actually an incredibly huge amount of energy stored in even little pieces of matter (the speed of light squared is a very very large number!). For example, it would cost more than a million dollars to buy the energy stored intrinsically stored in a single penny at our current (relatively cheap!) electricity rates. To get some feeling for how much energy is really there, consider that nuclear weapons only release a small fraction of the "intrinsic" energy of their components."

What machines of these designs in fact are is OVER EFFICIENT. They exhibit C.O.P ( coefficient of performance ) far above input energy. Very simple mechanically, with dynamics squarely on the path to E=mc2. - Yes there are limits but those limits are for the most part structural strengths of materials involved, and of course the straight jackets of our own minds.

As described this far, one could connect such device to grid power, wind, water or solar, and DEVELOP more power. That alone is a winner.

But there is more that can be done with this Gen-E-Sys II technology. Much more. Moreover, the best thing of all is that the entire technology relies upon the reality of Natures Laws while violating not one of man's so-called Laws of Physics for his "material world" that I currently exist in. Laws I am able to comprehend and submit to without challenge at this instant in Time.

Many will say; Exceptional claims require exceptional proof. To them I say: In reality there is nothing exceptional in what I am doing, anyone could have done the same had they applied themselves and their money to observe what Nature will show you when you look and honestly listen. The entire project has been a learning about reality itself, what is so exceptional about searching for Truth?

Now would you like to learn how to fish?

1. All Matter has potential energy, matter in motion develops Kinetic energy.

2. Less energy input is required per second to sustain matter in motion than is developed per second beyond the objects threshold Velocity.

3. Kinetic energy of balanced solid matter objects rotating is available for use to do work as mechanical energy/horsepower.

4. Mechanical energy/horsepower torque can be transmitted, and or multiplied by leverage, gearing with an accompanying rpm decrease.

5. Mechanical energy of reduced rpm with increased torque can move other objects, of greater volumes/areas of solid matter.

6. Secondary, greater areas/volumes of matter placed in motion develop Kinetic energy/horsepower in addition to all previous energy.

7. Mechanical energy is Kinetic energy at work.

8. Mass, Volume and Velocity determine its Magnitude.

Small electrical input to a motor, converting electrical to mechanical power,

Use the mechanical power to place solid matter in motion at velocity to develop KE equal to converted input power,

Use mechanical advantage to multiply/develop torque at reduced rpm,

Use the increased torque to place an additional greater volume of solid matter in motion thereby developing more KE, greater Inertia & momentum,

Use another mechanical advantage to again multiply/develop more torque at reduced rpm, and use a mechanical disconnect from previous rotating matter.

Use the increased torque to again place an additional greater volume of solid matter in motion thereby developing even more KE, greater Inertia & momentum,

Use a final mechanical advantage to adjust/match rpm for output to an electrical power generator/alternator.

Understand, comprehend this process alone yields more HORSEPOWER output than input without burning one drop of extra fuel, that is FREE ENERGY.

Understand this process does require a constant input of power, and its output cannot be used as the input. Don't believe - try it, you will learn something.

Understand you are just a Man, you cannot create anything.

The Creator creates, we are expected to DEVELOP what we were given without destroying it.

System A:

Input 1 receives electrical power/energy and converts it to mechanical power/energy known as horsepower.
Fuel/flywheel 1 develops Kinetic energy to match the horsepower F.L. requirement of the generator/alternator.
Output 2 generator receives converted energy of input 1 and developed energy of fuel/flywheel and converts those mechanical energies to electrical energy for output, for use outside this system.

System B:
Input 2 receives electrical power/energy and converts it to mechanical power/energy known as horsepower.
Fuel/flywheel 2 develops Kinetic energy to match the horsepower F.L. requirement of the generator/alternator.
Output 1 generator receives converted energy of input 1 and developed energy of fuel/flywheel and converts those mechanical energies to electrical energy for output, for use outside this system.

The motors do not care where electricity comes from and generators do not care where their electricity goes.

The fuel/flywheels between them are solid matter from Nature. They operate on a sustainable circular path like most everything we see in Nature.
They develop Kinetic energy from Nature that Nature provides and offers us to discover.

Everything we are and have to use that is real is from Nature. We have created nothing.
We are expected to discover and embrace Truth while we are here. The Creator is in control of his creations, all of them.

This man's understanding: Those that choose to not learn how to fish will surely be buyers of fish, or become fish food.

These pages are here to help those who care and dare to learn.



Therefore: IT IS IMPORTANT TO REALIZE” you may think you can get “energy” without doing physical work but that is not ever going to be a Truth in reality!”

Now is the Time to get off your ass and ACT to IN DEED help with WORK to further help you and the children you will leave behind.

Children who will IN DEED inherit the mess we all have made of this place in our foolish quest for yet another invented CON-cept of man known as “money”.

I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned ……. over Time