Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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“A flywheel may also be used to supply intermittent pulses of energy at transfer rates that exceed the abilities of its energy source, or when such pulses would disrupt the energy supply (e.g., public electric network). This is achieved by accumulating stored energy in the flywheel over a period of time, at a rate that is compatible with the energy source, and then releasing that energy at a much higher rate over a relatively short time.

For example, flywheels are used in punching machines, machines where they store energy from the motor and release it during the punching operation.”

"ENERGY" is only a word. A construct of man's mind in attempt to communicate thought.

“ENERGY” does not have physical existence in reality.

“ENERGY” alone, without a machine cannot do useful “Work” of man.

Both words; energy and work are defined by man, some claiming to be “PhD's.”

Understand that not all men are of good natured mind, nor do all have thoughts in mind to benefit anyone besides themselves.

Electricity is a FORCE OF NATURE that exists independent of any of man’s efforts. We have been and are allowed by Nature to work with this $ FREE un limitable Force.

We have been and are allowed by Nature to develop alternators and generators that are efficient enough to directly harvest limited measures of this $ FREE Force with these two machines.

Alternators (conventional types) harvest $ FREE electricity by converting rotary mechanical power to electrical power. Alternators require Horsepower every second to produce electricity.

Horse’s are also of Nature, and $ FREE when given their Freedom. They were also a Gift from God for man to do “work” with, a powerful animal. One of many that we have already almost destroyed. Today in reality there simply are too many of us and not enough of them. (Perhaps by our own foolish choices in our lust for material $$$ stuff we think of as wealth.)

We have replaced real Horse’s power with Mechanical horsepower we are able to develop in machines, primarily engines and motors which are not gifts in the sense of $ FREE.

Horsepower per second = Torque x rpm /  5252 / 550. Without continuous horsepower alternators do nothing at all. The same is true for generators. There is no way known to get around the REALITY of these FACTS!

Alternators can be driven by any mechanical means that delivers sufficient Torque at the correct rpm to produce electricity of the correct voltage an electrical power plant is designed to operate at.

Alternators are machines. They do not think, know, or feel anything nor do they care about where or what is powering them is or comes from. They are things, objects that can be made and owned by every single Man, Woman, and child on this Earth.

Alternators today are typically driven by fuel converting machines known as engines of one kind or another.

Alternators are also able to be driven by Wind and Water power using turbines to suit.

Alternators, lastly they are driven or are able to be driven by electric motors to convert type of current, phase or voltages.

Alternators do not produce "ENERGY" and they do not consume "ENERGY". They will take all the horsepower they need to power whatever load is connected up to the point that the windings melt or the magnetic flux field is overcome.

Engines produce horsepower as the result of converting "FUEL" into rotary motion expressed as RPM which sets a standard unit of TIME, and with TORQUE which sets a standard unit of FORCE. (At least in the western world previously known as America.)

Engines are terribly inefficient and are a continual source of pollution in every form used today. It matters not that are internal, external combustion, or what they are fueled with, they all are bad for every living form of life on this Earth. Unfortunately they are where our development stopped and marketing consumerism began.

EN-GEN’s are electrically powered Electro Mechanical Power Plants. Producing both Horsepower  and Electricity for use within and outside the system.


FACT: Two wheel halves make a whole.

FACT: One half a  wheel is out of symmetry/balance. Grossly!

FACT: Nothing stops us from synchronizing two separate halves to rotate together but

           on separate axles that rotate about a third.

FACT: All we can perceive in Nature is Matter and has mass.

FACT: All Matter in motion has Kinetic Energy relative to its mass and velocity in

            space which is a naturally occurring phenomenon.

FACT: Kinetic Energy of Matter quadruples with every doubling of velocity in space,

             which is another naturally occurring phenomenon.

FACT: Kinetic Energy is mechanical energy that can be harnessed.

FACT: Mechanical energy can be developed, converted and transferred object to


FACT: Machines are man's mechanical devices to do work.

FACT: Windmills and waterwheels harness Kinetic Energy from Nature.

FACT: Neither will operate unless matter is in motion.

FACT: Both use an elastic collision method to transfer Kinetic Energy between

            objects mechanically.

FACT: Both use/require huge volumes of matter in motion.

FACT: Both operate with matter flowing in fluid motion.

FACT: Matter is understood to exist in three states; solid, liquid, and gaseous.

            (Plasma is a potential fourth.)

FACT: Energy is usable in several forms; mechanical, electrical thermal, chemical,


1. All Matter has potential energy, matter in motion develops Kinetic energy.

2. Less energy input is required per second to sustain matter in motion than is developed per second beyond the objects threshold Velocity.

3. Kinetic energy of balanced solid matter objects rotating is available for use to do work as mechanical energy/horsepower.

4. Mechanical energy/horsepower torque can be transmitted, and or multiplied by leverage, gearing with an accompanying rpm decrease.

5. Mechanical energy of reduced rpm with increased torque can move other objects, of greater volumes/areas of solid matter.

6. Secondary, greater areas/volumes of matter placed in motion develop Kinetic energy/horsepower in addition to all previous energy.

7. Mechanical energy is Kinetic energy at work.

8. Mass, Volume and Velocity determine its Magnitude.

9. Horsepower is the only way in reality to power a conventional alternator or generator

to harvest the Electricity that is FREE and a Force of God’s Nature.

To be continued …….

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I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned … over Time

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