Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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“We” as men cannot start with nothing, bring fourth something useable from nothing. Because doing so would require us to be capable of Creation which we are incapable of.  

That remains the work of God the most high, an inescapable Truth regardless of mortal acceptance or denial.

That you are reading this is proof you are in search of something which you lack and want. You may be looking for Truth which is often ignored for immediate, temporal gratification.

A third mistake would be to believe you are one and alone.

This entire site is all about PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.

“POWER TO THE PEOPLE”, the little people who will “inherit” the problems we make.

Let us begin with reality.

A machine cannot save any of us from our own self destructive ways anymore than a man or a group of men can. What is presented here is information that you are Free to accept or reject concerning my work, in a search 4 Truth and the machines developed along the winding road to find Liberty, then “energy” and ultimately to know Truth.

Any truth contained in these pages belongs to God, any and all mistakes are due to my being a mere man with a limited, imperfect understanding of all that surrounds us.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” - John 8:32 King James Version (KJV)

"Energy" is merely a word and words in many cases limit our ability to think for ourselves in our best but feeble attempts to comprehend “this reality”. Therefore “we”, and I use the “term” loosely, we as men must begin with an input of known "energy".

That written, the input of "energy" must be converted to a form usable by us and to one way or another develop "energy" from and additional to the input.

We all have been CON-vinced that oil, gasoline, wind, water, and solar are "energy'. They are not anything beyond fuel that can be converted to another form of POWER. Power is the ability to do work. Work is what happens when matter is moved in space any distance; like when an electrical generator/alternator is turned to produce electricity. Electricity is also lumped into our understanding of the word "energy" by most people, however: Electricity is a Force of Nature in reality, and FREE.

Unfortunately machines to harvest Electricity are not free in this monetary zone.

One mechanical horsepower also equals 745.699 watts or .746 kW (kilowatts) of electrically produced horsepower.

HORSEPOWER is the only thing an electrical power generator or alternator is presently able to be run with. Comprehending what Horsepower is and how to obtain it are two of many very important things that we have overlooked for far too long. There are basic drawing files, photos, and other valuable information scattered about this website to shed light upon how you yourself can DEVELOP HORSEPOWER without "fuel" as you currently understand it.

Distilling 25,000+ hours of work resulting in an entire technology will not happen in a ten page file, so get used to reading to Ferret out nuggets of Truth where you find them as I had to, and



“Think” you can do it alone? Click here

Electricity is clean “energy”, and what we need to power all our material stuff, so lets start by powering an electrical generator/alternator with a prime mover that requires an input of electricity.

Electricity as a Force has Power and Ability to do Work but must first be: converted to MECHANICAL energy by a motor. Rotary motion at a designed rpm results, and

MECHANICAL energy of the motor must be put to work to move a Volume of solid matter having Mass through SPACE at a designed VELOCITY.

Matter in motion DEVELOPS Kinetic energy naturally, solid matter is convenient because it can be its own container rather than using gaseous or liquid state matter.

To be a self-sustaining machine there must be a minimum of four separate solid Matter OBJECTS IN MOTION, as fuel masses. (at least so far & for now) The energy input and output "fuel" masses must be MECHANICALLY ISOLATED from each other and FREE to move in Space on at least one plane.

There must be:

1. Continuous external input of Force/energy, which can be any suitable form: I.e.: electricity.

2. A Prime mover or movers capable of maintaining system Velocity.

3. Solid Matter being moved by Prime mover(s) and developing Kinetic energy exceeding the input energy per second,

4. A Mechanical method and means to extract, convert and transfer Kinetic energy between solid matter objects as high pressure Mechanical energy  pulses to develop/introduce non equilibrium into a system of inherent equilibrium,

5. A Mechanical means to split Time between Kinetic energy development, extraction and transfer of the high pressure Mechanical energy pulses,

6. A greater volume of matter in motion absorbing/receiving the Mechanical energy pulses at a Mechanical advantage, developing additional Kinetic energy and driving an electrical alternator/generator continuously.

7. And of course your ability to understand the one thing Generators/alternators require to function; continuous HORSEPOWER per second.

Final conclusions;

Kinetic energy at work is Mechanical energy.

* All work (as defined by physics) done on earth is done by Mechanical energy.

* Mechanical energy is the primary form of "energy" of Nature available to man.

* Nature shows us its Mechanical energy every single second.

* Electricity is made available to man for harvest by Mechanical means.  

* We would be wise to learn from Nature the lessons being taught.

* Ponder what occurs in an Avalanche, a stream, a landslide, the wind, a waterwheel.

Of course in your mind you may think and believe this is impossible! So was the horseless carriage, powered flight, harvesting electricity, atomic energy, nuclear.

* * *

Gen-E-Sys II ~ Liberty EN-GEN’s are solid matter "fueled"

NON-COMBUSTION power plants.

New technology applying SIMPLE MECHANICS that yield COMPLEX DYNAMICS DEVELOPING Horsepower for generators. Ultimately allowing the Natural flow of power to the people to restore Liberty for all as Nature intended and provided.

Power plants with several “energy” input systems designed to utilize FORCES OF NATURE including, Kinetic, inertial, momentum, centrifugal, centripetal, and friction to allow use of solid matter in motion as "fuel" that is not burned, spent, chemically converted, nor consumed and never wears out to develop power to do work without further pollution of our home.

Moreover utilizing advantages derived from time itself and the physical position in space of solid matter objects, and the FUNDAMENTAL INTERACTIONS between said objects, each being individually comprised of particles bound together in a solid state and existing in time.

All energy, the input and additional DEVELOPED energy is added together into one output resulting in a gain of Horsepower that is in harmony with NATURE.

EN-GEN’s are only machines. Just Imagine what the World would be if the FUNDAMENTAL INTERACTIONS of people were such; to act in Harmony.

Those that think they know better will learn Nature takes care of itself and us, in its own way and Time. That of course raises the question of where did or does Nature come forth from. That question requires us to attempt resorting to “First principles” and that necessarily means the true beginning of all, liking the Truth of it or not.


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Understand that there is more to a powerplant than is shown in this drawing and consider reading a bit of the Science that backs up the above Truth and BASICS:

"The terms kinetic energy and work in their present scientific meanings date back to the mid-19th century."

Read more:

"The Kinetic energy of a moving object IS EQUAL TO THE WORK REQUIRED TO BRING IT FROM REST TO THAT SPEED, or THE WORK THE OBJECT CAN DO WHILE BEING BROUGHT TO REST: Net force x distance = kinetic energy," and:

McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia:

"Classical mechanics

The science dealing with the description of the positions of objects in space under the action of forces as a function of time. Some of the laws of mechanics were recognized at least as early as the time of Archimedes (287?–212 B.C.). In 1638, Galileo stated some of the fundamental concepts of mechanics, and in 1687, Isaac Newton published his Principia, which presents the basic laws of motion, the law of gravitation, the theory of tides, and the theory of the solar system. This monumental work and the writings of J. D'Alembert, J. L. Lagrange, P. S. Laplace, and others in the eighteenth century are recognized as classic works in the field of mechanics. Jointly they serve as the base of the broad field of study known as classical mechanics, or Newtonian mechanics. This field does not encompass the more recent developments in mechanics, such as statistical, relativistic, or quantum mechanics.

In the broad sense, classical mechanics includes the study of motions of gases, liquids, and solids, but more commonly it is taken to refer only to solids.

In the restricted reference to solids, classical mechanics is subdivided into statics, kinematics, and dynamics.

Statics considers the action of forces that produce equilibrium or rest;

kinematics deals with the description of motion without concern for the causes of motion; and

dynamics involves the study of the motions of bodies under the actions of forces upon them.

For some of the more important areas  of classical mechanics See also Ballistics; Collision (physics); Dynamics;Energy; Force; Gravitation; Kinematics; Lagrange's equations; Mass; Motion; Precession; Rigid-body dynamics; Statics; Work.

Read more:"

McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia:


A rotating mass used to maintain the speed of a machine between given limits while the machine releases or receives energy at a varying rate. A flywheel is an energy storage device. It stores energy as its speed increases, and gives up energy as the speed decreases.

The specifications of the machine usually determine the allowable range of speed and the required energy interchange.

Read more:

A flywheel is a rotating mechanical device that is used to store rotational energy. Flywheels have a significant moment of inertia, and thus resist changes in rotational speed. The amount of energy stored in a flywheel is proportional to the square of its rotational speed.

Energy is transferred to a flywheel by applying torque to it, thereby increasing its rotational speed, and hence its stored energy.

Conversely, a flywheel releases stored energy by applying torque to a mechanical load, thereby decreasing its rotational speed.

Three common uses of a flywheel include:

They provide continuous energy when the energy source is discontinuous. For example, flywheels are used in reciprocating engines because the energy source, torque from the engine, is intermittent.

  They deliver energy at rates beyond the ability of a continuous energy source. This is achieved by collecting energy in the flywheel over time and then releasing the energy quickly, at rates that exceed the abilities of the energy source.

They control the orientation of a mechanical system. In such applications, the angular momentum of a flywheel is purposely transferred to a load  when energy is transferred to or from the flywheel.

Read more:

A flywheel may also be used to supply intermittent pulses of energy at transfer rates that exceed the abilities of its energy source, or when such pulses would disrupt the energy supply (e.g., public electric network). This is achieved by accumulating stored energy in the flywheel over a period of time, at a rate that is compatible with the energy source, and then releasing that energy at a much higher rate over a relatively short time.

For example, flywheels are used in punching machines, machines where they store energy from the motor and release it during the punching operation.

Read more:”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The above illustration depicts one of many innovative arrangements and uses of simple flywheels to form a compound machine, with rather complex Dynamics that make Gen-E-Sys II ~ Liberty EN-GEN’s an entire technology rather than an invention.

Since we know the kinetic energy in a flywheel "can be converted to other forms". We convert it to Mechanical energy and draw it off as Torque or force.

Since we know either Force or distance can be multiplied by using levers, the illustration depicts levers with 3:1 ratio, a Mechanical advantage of 3.

The Mechanical advantage allows us to either increase the Torque/Force by 3 times to do the WORK of driving an additional flywheel at one third the Rpm of the first, or do the WORK of increasing the Rpm/Velocity of another. So we can use it for either depending on which end is input vs. output, just like a lever except that this arrangement allows continuous motion rather than what has been allowed with first, second and third class levers of accepted physics.

Therefore a fourth class of Levers is revealed elsewhere in my work and incorporated herein by reference.

Since the larger flywheel mass is 2.77 times greater than the smaller, its inertia and momentum is higher, (precisely 26.886057 times higher),

Since the larger flywheel is 1.5 times greater in diameter than the smaller, each outermost particle of it travels 66.6% farther through space in the Time of one revolution.

Within the confines of any wheel there is Space, both inner and outer. Its circular shape is a frame of reference we can use to measure position,Velocity, and Time.

In a physical wheel there is also matter in its solid state/form, which is composed of particles of solid matter, each particle has its own position in space.

Rotation of any wheel causes the particles to move in space which DEVELOPS Kinetic energy within the Space of the wheel relative to the mass and Velocity as its particles change their positions through space over Time.

This Kinetic energy is inside the wheel and occurs Naturally.

Using two or more simple solid matter flywheels within a frame and placing a Mechanical advantage between them allows us to DEVELOP, AMPLIFY,TRANSMIT, and extract Kinetic energy from Solid Matter placed in motion. Doing so sets up an endless path for solid matter objects to travel known as a streamline. The objects traveling this streamline each move through Time and space at different Velocities. Thus setting up Time, Pressure, and Velocity differentials within the frame much like how the Universe itself works on a much smaller scale that mere men can deal with. Yielding man limited access to the unfathomable Kinetic/Mechanical energy of Nature itself.

Nature’s Law provides that:

Inertia remains constant regardless of Velocity.

Kinetic energy develops exponentially Quadrupling with every doubling of VELOCITY.

HORSEPOWER develops exponentially by a factor of 7.99 with every doubling of VELOCITY.

Mans so-called “Laws” do not and cannot trump Nature. They never will.!

The only limit on its development is our own thinking and the structural limits of the materials known to exist upon this planet, which is also developing its own Kinetic energy as is every single particle of matter in the Universe.

This is a machine of man, an amazing gift from our Creator who is kindly allowing us new technology to safely and cleanly attach our machines to the very Wheelworks of his Nature.

Consistent with Nature: high pressure flows to low pressure.

Drawing 022912



Woe unto you shysters. You shall no longer withhold knowledge for lucre.

March 5, 2009

/s/ Michael B. Frost       Nunc pro tunc, March 14, 2013