Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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Gen-E-Sys II ~ Liberty EN-GEN power plants

Free energy machine!

Many people for at least the last 400 years have attempted to come up with a machine the would power itself once it was started into motion, perhaps even longer. They have been labeled as Perpetual motion enthusiasts or worse. Undoubtedly they were driven by something to make the enormous efforts evident in history books, and scrap heaps around the world yet to date there is not one known to exist.

The "Industrial Age" came and today many think that to be a thing of the past that has been supplanted by the High Technology society lifestyle we have enjoyed the last 50 years or so. One of many major problems we as Mankind faces is that we are stripping the only planet we have first hand personal knowledge of that can and will support Man.

Looking backward in time it is not hard to realize that the men of old did not have everything to work with that each of us do today for the simple fact they did not all have or know about electricity, electric motors, generators, countless other machines yet to be invented. Machines that allowed us to build better machines and advance to the point we now have reached. Nor had they the opportunity to be able to learn of what others tried and failed at that the Internet provides people of today.

Looking forward in time I am unable to see a future with a future for the Children of your Children that looks bright let alone sustainable, with or without such a machine to say the best.

Many people today are working hard to find something to fill the need for clean sustainable power generation from what would seem to be every angle imaginable including some really way out and "futuristic" concepts.

My first 4 to 5 years of efforts were always focused on electrically powered mechanical contraptions attempting to somehow shift weights off balance or and capture energy that did result from each and every attempt. Not one of them was failure, every one of them made power and Nature demonstrated what was not agreeable to it. Each of the costly lessons gave me another Key to understanding what Nature would allow.They were very hard lessons to learn and even more difficult to accept as it slowly became evident they were not entirely from my own life experience or within in "this reality".

This website is to attempt my fulfillment of a promise made long ago.

A MATTER I take very seriously, as a MATTER of honor.

All people of this planet could benefit from electricity that has no fuel cost or pollution beyond the original manufacturing and purchase. Including the parasitical class.

Therefore it was/is logical to plan using as many off the shelf parts as possible to construct any machine to make them available more rapidly besides the fact the capacity is in place. Currently the existing work force needs the work.

It was/is logical to to plan designing such machines as absolutely utilitarian devices capable of lasting century's with normal/routine maintenance. Using only already available materials to a simplistic standardized modular design that is scaleable for ease of manufacture with current production equipment and usability with existing power grid infrastructure. This planning speeds and simplifies production, introduction, allows future modifications and enhancements as well as allowing rapid learning by all people of the several required elements involved that make each do what it does.

It was/is logical to actually look not only at what is currently powering each and every conventional electric power generator/alternator presently on this planet but what they all have in common with each other in “this reality”.

It was/is logical to actually look at what each and every of the many types of conventional electric power generator/alternator presently requires in common and can accept to power it in common worldwide in “this reality”.

Having now done all of that the results are in:

YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND HORSEPOWER is the single element in common that is powering each and every conventional generator/alternator supplying the worlds electrical power grids in operation today, in “this reality”.

That is true without regard to the fuel type being supplied to whatever mechanical device the generator/alternator is driven by. Be it wind, water, gasoline, diesel, steam, jet, nuclear or what have you. Generators/Alternators can only accept HORSEPOWER, not "energy" as we have been sold and “buy” today with total disregard for future generations.

Therefore it was logically necessary to attempt more fully comprehending what HORSEPOWER actually is in "this reality". Other than God's beautiful living creatures named Horse's trapped and deprived of their inherent freedom to toil for Man, horsepower today involves engines, motors, and turbines. Despite their obvious differences, on a much lower level of thought there awaits the common theme of matter in motion under power by force DEVELOPS KINETIC/MECHANICAL ENERGY in “this reality” within EVERY PARTICLE or OBJECT made of matter, NATURALLY.

That dear reader, the energy within was once upon a Time referred to by thinking men of old as Vis Viva which was discarded in the early 1800’s by men of wealth, power, science, and commerce with perhaps only profit and control in mind.

That KINETIC/MECHANICAL ENERGY DEVELOPS WITHIN ALL MATTER IN MOTION naturally is undeniable, a known fact of Nature in agreement with reality which is defined by man as truth, even in “this reality”.

Kinetic energy is Irresistible force of Nature with overwhelming power, evident to all but the Spiritually dead as an Act of God.

Logically we each are again faced with having reached a proverbial fork in the road that necessitates making a decision as to which path we will choose to follow in our quest for free “energy” during our Time while in “this reality”.

The two paths I see are described elsewhere, but in a nutshell they are;

a. The path of Prophets of TRUTH. - - - Or - - - b. The path of Worldly PROFIT.

Path a. Offers eternal wealth.    - -  And - - b. Offers temporal worldly pleasure.

Standardized scaleable designs are ready for testing and improvement.

Design calculators have been developed to speed the scaling to any amount of horsepower and electricity required, subject to the limitations of materials available and our ability to work within Nature.

With no promise of tomorrow, there is much that can be done today in the here and now to assist those that may have similar vision and desire to help others. In hope it makes this world more likely to have a future than not.

Regardless of differing schools of thought concerning the MATTER of profit v. Prophet.

A MATTER to be continued ? …… Time will tell

I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned ……. over Time