Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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One Gen-E-Sys II / Liberty En-Gen explained without fossil “fuel”

5 systems each developing force, and power mechanically and electrically make up this version of a Gen-E-Sys II Liberty EN-GEN explained as follows.

SYSTEM 1. The prime mover, or motor receives input electrical POWER from outside itself continuously and converts the power into mechanical POWER observable as  rotary motion with Torque and Rpm that is commonly known as Horsepower and possesses the ability to do work. The work of this system is only to maintain a designed Velocity of all other systems by maintaining Volumes of Matter in motion at the designed Velocity. The dynamics begin here.

SYSTEM 2. The first "fuel" wheel(s) receive the power and motion of system 1 and thereby dynamically develops Kinetic/mechanical power in addition to the converted input. The Kinetic power is the actualization of the potential power inherent in all Matter.

(Consult Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy:dynamis/energeia and Einstein's theory E=mc2)

This "fuel" wheel is sized to develop 10 to 15% more Horsepower PER SECOND than the prime mover to overcome all losses and inefficiencies. At this point we have more than the original input: I.E.: 1 + 1.15 = 2.15 and instruct that it is available for ONE SECOND. Splitting Time begins here.

SYSTEM 3. The secondary "fuel" wheel(s) receives previously converted and developed power through rotary levers known as gears, sprockets or pulleys at a mechanical advantage (I.E.: 4:1) which increases the Torque component of both previously converted and developed Horsepower's and reduces rpm by a factor of the M.A. .

The secondary "fuel" wheel(s) is larger with more mass/matter/weight dynamically develops additional Kinetic power taking advantage of the increased incoming Torque it adds inertia and momentum, and sets up differentials of Distance, Pressure and Velocity between two or more objects of solid Matter moving in space within a common frame. At this point we have far more than the original input EVERY SECOND: I.E.: (1 + 1.15 x 4 =  8.6, + .75 = 9.35) but for only one second if we were to: turn off the incoming electrical power or attempt to load these three systems beyond the original input. Therefore we must have continuous electrical power input and mechanically split Time itself using the Laws of Nature and what God gave us to work with: the brain and common sense.

All power is added together and transmitted to another dynamic lever of special design that evenly distributes power over Time in seconds divided by the number of additional objects of solid Matter being placed in continuous motion every second. Natures Laws are in effect, conservation of momentum is required.

SYSTEM 4. The final "fuel" wheels are mechanically isolated from systems 1 through 3. Each of them is 100% independent and FREE to ACT as Nature intended and provided for us. (They are not living but they are animated objects each dynamically developing power and ability to do the work of SUSTAINING THEMSELVES through interactions with others and their PROVIDER. - Please wake up. )

These free wheels are solid Matter also and each develops Kinetic power, mechanical Horsepower sufficient to sustain motion under load for the period of Time it is not receiving power from systems 1 through 3 in elastic collisions (overcoming Entropy) whereby they are independently recharged multiple times per second.

SYSTEM 5. The electric POWER generators/alternators are receiving mechanical Horsepower from system four 100% of the Time. Because in fact Alternators/Generators are mechanical machines that can use only MECHANICAL POWER to do the work of producing electrical power to supply the needs of the prime mover and of the Living souls today so "materialistic" dependant upon it, thinking only of money and themselves.

There you have it; a glimpse at a scintilla of Gen-E-Sys II technology and one simple Liberty EN-GEN.  END OF SHORT EXPLANATION

Here is another glimpse: EVIDENCE, logic & math to back it up (.flv video) & a Gift

Here is a call to look carefully at what you do with your FREEWILL and your "energy" because in “reality” you are MATTER in MOTION, flesh and blood only one heartbeat away from Truth and eternity.

PLEASE NOTE: This design is only to demonstrate proof of concept. Far better methods have been worked out. This was made using what I had and was able to obtain with no support from anyone but my dear wife Sue, and the gifts provided by God.

I encourage others to stand upon my shoulders to reach even greater levels and designs by helping each other with your gift of Time. Because you are the Future, if there is one.

What I rely upon is God, and his gift of Time.

Here is what the EN-GEN rely's upon:

1. That all laws are in fact laws in conformance with reality.

2. That Nature rules Time over man, his thinking, and machinery.

3. That Kinetic "Energy" is real and exists in Nature's Time.

4. That Kinetic "Energy" is mechanical in Nature.

5. That Kinetic "Energy" is developed with Velocity.

6. That Kinetic "Energy" is developed in matter.

7. That Kinetic "Energy" is convertible to other forms of "Energy".

8. That Kinetic "Energy" is instantly transferable between objects made of matter.

9. That Kinetic "Energy" is conserved in an elastic collision.

10. That Kinetic "Energy" is "Energy" having power, force, and ability to do work.

11. That Electricity is "Energy" on Earth as a Force of Nature with Power to do work.

12. That Electric power generators convert mechanical "Energy" to electricity.

13. That Electric motors convert electricity to mechanical "Energy".

14. That Mechanical "Energy" is "Energy" having power, force, and ability to do work.

15. That Mechanical "Energy" is conserved in an elastic collision.

16. That Mechanical "Energy" is instantly transferable between objects made of matter.

17. That Mechanical "Energy" is convertible to other forms of "Energy".

18. That Mechanical "Energy" is developed in matter.

19. That Mechanical "Energy" is developed with Velocity.

20. That Mechanical "Energy" is mechanical in Nature.

21. That Mechanical "Energy" is real and exists in Nature's Time.

22. That Mechanical Levers made of matter provide real advantages of force, distance and Time.  

23. That Kinetic "Energy" is matter in motion, thus mechanical energy.

24. That E = mc2, and involves only matter, velocity, and Time which are provided by Nature.

01/23/2013 A.D. & BTW:

A.D. is an abbreviation. It stands for anno Domini, a Latin phrase meaning “in the year of our Lord.”

When used with a date, it indicates how many years have passed since the birth of Jesus Christ.

Because B.C. is the English abbreviation for Before Christ, some people incorrectly conclude that A.D. must mean After Death, i.e., after the death of Jesus (NB). If that were true, the thirty-three or so years of his life would not be in any era.

Time is important; It is one of God's many gifts to us all, perhaps most precious of all.

What I ask is: What do you rely upon ?

Gen-E-Sys II

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And photos just because someone has to start to break the routine of holding out for wealth and power over other people. This is only a place to start from, much more that can follow when and IF People helping People were to materialize

I am one man, attempting to help you get the wheels in your own head turning by this attempt to share. To overcome inertia Helping Hands are needed to gain momentum!

Imagine what can be accomplished if many people were to offer Helping Hands to support the concept of helping each other over only themselves ……in reality.

Would they not be actually helping themselves as well?

To be continued …….?

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I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned … over Time

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