Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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“Over-unity” is FICTION.

100% is UNITY. To think otherwise is delusional. Requiring one to deceive themselves or allow their being to be deceived by another. In “reality” there is no such thing or effect for the simple fact: All that is “real” is something and has to come from a source.  Moreover some thing that is going to provide “energy” as we are able to use to develop an improvement in living standards or reduce our pollution and self extinction tendencies necessarily involves “matter.



At this point in “time” you need to understand electricity is the safest, cleanest and most widely used form of “energy” on this planet. It seems reasonable and logical to pursue development of the means to produce electricity. Fact is we already have the means and just have not taken the time to look at everything Nature has given us to work with. Nor have we or our so called experts discovered every possible thing, or combination of things that can be done. We have allowed ourselves to be blinded by science in our quest for wealth and power or our greed and lust or simply apathy. Nature did not give us “money”, it is a “CON-struct” of perhaps man, perhaps who knows what. Fact is we all “believe” in money just because we were told we needed it. So everyone believes in something, they must.

However there is no such thing as "OU" or "over unity" To pursue such is like waiting to see the Tooth Fairy  - - - - - - - Or  - - - - - - - the Easter Bunny, believing they are real.


Don’t take my word for it, go look in a mirror and say out loud I know everything about everything and then go outside and open your eyes to the beauty of Nature and explain it all to yourself. Tell yourself all about how it works, where it all came from including yourself. Do be sure not to forget to include where whatever the real you is goes in fact at the end of your individual time when your body becomes dust in the wind. If you are able to do so and believe yourself then you need to come forward with your superior being and intellect and explain it to me and the other 7+ billion people of this planet. Then we can all get a good laugh.

Everything is designed for what it is intended to do and be capable of doing. “Words” are great examples of “energy”, dark energy to be sure when they are designed to deceive us. Over-unity is a modern fabrication, a word or term crafted by someone that does not have Truth, known science or history supporting any such “CON-cept”. While it is true concepts are not all “CON-jobs” we can be sure there are many people unsuspecting who believe lies to be truth and truth to be a lie. Being “CON-vinced” of a falsity does not excuse being an intellectual sloth who lazily perpetuates prevarication anymore than the one that “CON-ived” it. Nothing by man alone can make it real or true.

Applying just a little critical thinking can go a long way to save yourself the frustration and consequences of falling for the rampant fraud being foisted upon many good people by use and acceptance of illogical terms “CON-juring” up “ILL-usions”.

If you can accept that electricity is suitable energy would it not be logical to look at what is required to do the “work” of supplying “power” to rotate a conventional motor, generator, or alternator? Then what is capable of making that “work” happen in “time”?

Motors and generators are just fine as they exist within the limits of their INTENDED DESIGN to provide all people all the electricity they need. After all they are “things” that are “material” and do already “exist” and do “work” in “space”, “time” and “reality”. Alone I was unable to comprehend and connect all the dots of knowledge I had searched long and hard for. I had my own “beliefs” for sure and they alone were not able to go the distance required.


OVER UNITY is  term many people use to describe their perception of what a "free energy device" will accomplish. Unity simply means: wholeness, or in mathematics 1.

My perception of this physical world makes me certain "OVER UNITY" is a misconception that is holding us back from discovering proper use of the gifts we have already been given to work with from our Creator.

Putting misconception and my perception aside, either of which could be wrong. In mathematics, which is quite exact 1 is unity, period. Two is not one, it is two ones. Ten is not one and zero, it is ten ones, and so on.

In electric motors a one horsepower motor that develops 2 horsepower is not a one horse and operating in an "over unity" condition. It is a TWO horsepower motor IN REALITY. Furthermore you will see that it is consuming 1492 watts of electrical power.

Internal combustion engines are designed to develop a specific amount of power, called horsepower. A one hundred horsepower engine develops one hundred horsepower at its design capacity. Its unity is the whole of its design less any inefficiencies, period.

Most certainly we can modify an engine to change its horsepower to develop higher horsepower than originally designed into it but I am sure no one will say that is "over unity" because IN REALITY we have merely changed its design to develop more horsepower and it will surely use more fuel. Its unity is the whole of its design less any inefficiencies, period.

In electronics a component is designed to operate within in a certain range, operating it beyond its design range does not make it "over unity". It cannot survive operating beyond its design for any length of time because IN REALITY its unity is the whole of its design less any inefficiencies, period. Most certainly we can and do use multiples of a component to develop a circuit or system with a capacity higher than a single component is able to handle, but the unity of a system is its design capacity.

IN THIS REALITY, this planet where I am presently living everything that we have contrived to harness energy, produce force or power, to do physical work meaning move, lift, or turn something merely converts something to something else and always results in losses due to inefficiencies of one sort or another. That reality is not likely to change.

My assignment and mission IN THIS REALITY is to help you understand how to use the gifts we all were given long ago. The LEVER and WHEEL. They are part of the “basics” . If you will listen you will be able to help set yourself free to do what we all should have all along: Design for real efficiency instead of CON-sumerism and $$$.

To tie into the Wheel works of Nature itself requires lower level thinking. High tech thinking has helped us get into the mess we have made of this world. Schools do not teach low level thought. Nor do they teach critical thought. They teach obedience to so-called authority figures.

Learn on your own to Live in Harmony among other men and Love God.

Like everything here that is entirely up to you alone and your free will.

Your will decides which is real and which is an ILL-usion, but that will don’t make it so!

I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned ……. over Time

I will conclude this page by writing no matter what path I searched and researched they all pointed to one thing which was Truth. Found on a much lower level of thought than “New Age” or “Brave new world” mindset allows as both are reciprocals of what actually was required. The beginning of all that exists and the source thereof.