Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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“Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run

There's still time to change the road you're on

And it makes me wonder

Your head is humming and it won't go, in case you don't know

The piper's calling you to join him”

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Where I sit now: it does make me wonder, again. Years ago I read that there is no such thing as a “straight line” and it stuck. Today it makes sense in that when looking through Nature you will have a very difficult task finding a truly “straight line”, if you can.

In Nature there are two physical paths to choose from: Linear and curvilinear. If we look at how a Galaxy exists in Nature we can clearly see the objects making up that Galaxy are on curvilinear paths. Nature has again been kind enough to allow us to view and photograph this fact and in my opinion it is doing so expecting us to figure out what path we need to get things, objects made of Matter we can put into motion on to mimic what Nature does for itself ourselves.

For Matter to be in motion it is surely on a path. Matter in motion of any kind DEVELOPS Kinetic energy.



Kinetic energy DEVELOPS exponentially with VELOCITY in all Matter.

Kinetic energy can be DEVELOPED and TRANSMITTED between objects, and EXTRACTED FROM TWO OR MORE SOLID MATTER OBJECTS placed into motion as a system.

Said Kinetic energy once extracted is MECHANICAL ENERGY that can be used to do WORK outside that system.

MECHANICAL ENERGY can be increased, or amplified mechanically very simply by using force multiplying levers having MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE.

MECHANICAL ENERGY WITH INCREASED FORCE can be used to do the WORK of placing another system of SOLID MATTER OBJECTS into motion to DEVELOP ADDITIONAL Kinetic energy.

That simple process can be done over and over by ANYONE, anywhere. It can be used to DEVELOP enormous amounts of Kinetic/Mechanical energy to do the WORK of powering an ELECTRIC GENERATOR.

Electricity from the generator can be used to do the WORK of placing another first object of a second system in motion with an electric motor as the prime mover and the simple process is repeated.

You should notice there has been no “fuel” has been mentioned. For the simple fact that after being placed in motion the SOLID MATTER IN MOTION DEVELOPS more energy than is being input to the Prime mover as long as VELOCITY is MAINTAINED. This system can be arranged to be self sustaining because of its over efficient design and the fact that the Laws of Nature support and allow it.

Wheels and electric motors both exhibit phenomena that can be utilized to design and build machines that are capable of achieving a level of efficiency that is far beyond our present uses and thinking of these two mechanical devices.

Regardless of faith or lack there of, both are gifts from the Creator, God. If you are lacking, consider finding yours.

There are two simple laws of Nature that we should take notice of early on, because if they were not in fact laws of Nature what I am attempting to explain would not be possible.

Law 1. All matter in motion has Kinetic energy.

Law 2. Kinetic energy develops, quadrupling in magnitude as the result of each doubling of Velocity. This development is without known limit other than Einstein's E=mc2.

The wheel is considered to be one of the basic machines that brought us out of the stone age into our age of enlightenment and the "modern" industrial age.

It is a part of the field of Classical Mechanics which is fading into the mists of time, thrown aside for the age of electronics I was taught to believe was to make our life so easy, and lest I not forget to mention also for the Atomic age which was sold to us as the means to clean electrical power so cheap it would be almost free. Right! Think back to Chernobyl and fast forward to Fukushima currently ongoing with no apparent end in view.

The wheel is solid matter. Being matter, when placed in motion it is subject to the two simple laws of Nature stated above. It also is subject to other laws and physical limitations on its rotational Velocity and safety. The Law of equilibrium and Law of levers, inertia, and momentum come into play when we use the wheel as our object in motion.

The wheel provides a perfect path for our matter in motion to travel, one without beginning or end.

The wheel is a perfect shape to serve as the container of our matter. Phenomena to consider are that simply doubling either the rotational Velocity or diameter of a wheel quadruples the Kinetic energy present in the object itself.

Both can be done simultaneously up to the physical limits of whatever the wheel is constructed of. Man's Laws of Motion and Physics apply and are not violated by use of wheels. The wheel has for centuries been used to develop Mechanical power in a way that is in harmony with Nature itself.

Rock crushers, metal shears, punch presses, forming machines, saw mills, grain mills have all successfully used wheels, flywheels to DEVELOP Mechanical power of a higher magnitude than what the prime mover itself driving the flywheel could produce to do work. All are examples of complex machines using Classical Mechanics from the industrial age that have proven to be able to stand the test of time.

The electric motor is merely a converter of electrical power to Mechanical power. It requires electrical power to be supplied continuously to do work. Most motors are capable of generating electricity when Mechanical power works to turn the shaft.

A phenomena of an electric motor is that voltage determines rpm or Velocity while current is determined by load placed upon the motor. The accepted measure of power required to operate an electric motor at rated load is 746 watts per horsepower or .74kw worldwide.

Horsepower is Mechanical power and what does actual physical work to benefit people. Despite the widespread confusion over what exactly one horse power is, horsepower is properly calculated very simply by multiplying RPM x Torque (in ft. lbs.) and the result is divided by 5252. It is that simple, period!

Go ahead, say it: So what.

So what, here is where it starts to get interesting. Laws of Motion/Physics tell us that "matter in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by some other force....".

In the case of a wheel we can see this is true by simply observing that our wheel keeps spinning long after we stop turning it. Other forces acting on it include gravity, and friction and do bring it to a stop. When we drive a wheel with an electric motor as a prime mover, with an ammeter connected we can observe that motor current reduces as rpm or velocity increases.

Which means that if we need a ten horsepower motor to put a wheel into motion at a designed Velocity over a predetermined measure of time we might need only one horsepower to maintain the wheel Velocity.

Velocity of matter in motion determines the Kinetic energy present within the object itself, and an electric motor of ten horsepower can also produce any amount of power from +10 hp. as a motor to -10 hp. operating as a generator.

The motor can go between consuming as a motor or producing as a generator many times a second without any mechanical hardware, and the same is true with our wheel which can go back and forth between receiving and developing or transmitting its developed Kinetic energy many times a second without extra mechanical parts to wear or break. This is not really all that complex but is very important to begin to understand.

Back in time when Issac Newton was discovering Laws of physics for his Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica works, it seems he might have missed the importance of the fact that when the Velocity of any object is doubled its Kinetic energy quadruples. Namely that Kinetic energy is actually developed by Nature itself and is free.

Also going way back in time men have taken notice of Vis Viva they believed to be "the living force" or "energy within" objects in motion and set out to build perpetual motion machines which have all failed to date, 400 years of effort but not all were in vain.

Today unlike way back when, we have been gifted with electricity and electric motors which Newton and 300 years worth of inventors did not even know would exist so we should not be so quick as to say all perpetual motion advocates were fools on a fools errand.

They simply did not have what is available to us today.

An electric motor does not care about where its supply of electricity comes from just as long as it is available in the correct voltage and type when needed. It could be from hydro, wind, solar, fuel, or nuclear powered generating plants or even batteries. If we really look at each and every one of these sources of power to run our mechanized/electric world we should notice they all have something in common (excluding batteries which are simply stored power devices) and that is: all require matter to be put into motion and power that results is harvested as mechanical energy and converted to electricity.

Remember that motors and generators are mostly the same with the main difference being the direction of the flow of power through either.

So it should be evident that a generator requires a continuous source of MECHANICAL ENERGY where a motor requires ELECTRICAL ENERGY and today we are capable of efficiently converting each of these two forms of energy to the other.

Fueled power plants are currently converting dwindling supplies of already and increasingly scarce natural resources, they will cease to work as the supply of fuel is exhausted if the pollution from them doesn't kill us first.

As we have already seen there is another devastating worldwide disaster awaiting us when fueled power plants stop working, just think Fukushima in a town near you. Enough said about Nuclear "energy". But you might have already forgotten about that, or dismiss the severity of that ongoing nightmare.

In the case of solar electricity, well I think it is really cool but it also just is not now if ever going to be a realistic solution or answer to the problems we face TODAY.

To briefly illustrate the point that MECHANICAL ENERGY is what makes our world go round: Hydro electric requires water which is matter in liquid form, wind power requires air which is matter in gaseous form.

Either form of matter must be in motion sufficient in VOLUME and VELOCITY and impinge upon a wheel which is a form of lever and cause torque and rotation of the wheel to provide HORSEPOWER to turn a generator which converts mechanical energy of MATTER IN MOTION into electrical energy.

Both Hydro and Wind power plants are using two of the three forms of MATTER known to man IN MOTION as FUEL. Both Hydro and Wind work fine, it is just that either nor both together are currently nor can ever be made available to power our ever increasing needs.

Both effectively make the case that MATTER IN MOTION is the direction we had best look toward for a solution to the problems we face today and tomorrow.

Now is a good time to mention MATTER itself as we "know" it. There are only three known forms, they are solid, liquid and gaseous. It is really just that simple. A fourth, Plasma may be matter depending upon where you look or who you want to believe.

We already harvest the Kinetic energy of Matter in motion from two of its forms, liquid and gaseous, but what about solid matter?

We "know" thanks to Newton, among others that all matter in motion has Kinetic energy, and from Einstein's theory that matter accelerated to the speed of light squared becomes "pure energy". With most of our entire world being composed of solid matter why on earth haven't we used volumes of solid matter in motion at manageable velocity to develop kinetic energy which in reality is mechanical energy to place greater/other volumes of matter into motion and simply convert the result into electricity?

So all we have to do is put a pulley on a generator, wind an endless rope around it with a big rock tied to on, and push the rock off a cliff into a bottomless pit where it can go forever and we will have all the electricity we need. Unfortunately that is not reality.

Our own greed and thinking are the biggest obstacles to our continued existence, and I assure you TIME here in the physical realm has its limit. Over the past several years I have been on an interesting journey and I choose to share my understanding of observations of successes and failures during that time with all who might care enough to continue from where that journey ends, in hope of honoring a commitment made long ago.

In a nutshell, DEVELOPING Kinetic energy to power an electrical generator requires only three things, all of which are possible using the wheel shape as the objects in motion.

1. Placing an object composed of Solid Matter having sufficient volume and mass in

motion at a designed velocity on a convenient repeating path, by way of an electric motor as the prime mover.

2. Extracting and transferring the developed Kinetic energy from the first object into another object of greater mass and diameter already in motion. Realizing that the object having greater diameter has matter in motion at a higher velocity due to the diameter which is a mechanical advantage and accounts for its increased developed Kinetic energy.

3. Repeating as many times as needed to DEVELOP whatever amount of power output

you desire in addition to the electrical needs of the prime mover which is needed to maintain the systems design velocity, with a generator connected to this end, mechanically isolated from the first object and supplying the prime mover only electricity in a semi closed loop.

That is all that is required. It is that straight forward. "Truth requires few words."

Consult drawing "110711a1" for more insight on the basic concept. Understand that drawing is not provided as a working drawing for you construct a working Gen-E-sys II power plant or Liberty EN-GEN. It is provided to share as I promised, the basics.

You must learn much more before you will be able to fish. Consider researching these terms:


























But be forewarned you will be discouraged by many people, ridiculed as a perpetual motion nut by some, worse by others.

One way of dealing with these types is to ask them to fully explain exactly what kind of perpetual motion device they think you are playing with here and why yours won't work based only upon their firsthand personal "knowledge". Or ask them what they have done to contribute anything to help the people of the world.

Most likely they will become uncomfortable realizing they don't have anything to add other than what they have been told by others. Try not to let it bother you, they will come back. If they do not come back so what, you will then be further ahead and you will also “know them by their fruit”.

It is important to keep in mind after all, that everything was impossible right up to the moment someone did it. Yes there are pitfalls to be careful of but in “reality” there is nothing actually stopping any of us from using the gifts Nature itself has provided freely for all, long before we arrived


Properly thought out and implemented generally as illustrated in the drawings scattered about this website you might just have your very own self sustaining electric power plant powered by the gifts of Natures God, the Alpha and Omega.

After all; Because you were born FREE You get to decide the Path you travel.

Such is the Tree of Life.

To be continued …….

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned … over Time