Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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Which “reality”; meaning either “True reality” or “this reality”?

Your reality or mine?

Regardless of notions held by each Man, Woman or child, or bodies and groups of the same, the reality of Nature is what has control over Man and all forms of life on this Earth, most probably in the entire Universe as well.

That Nature is in control is beyond question, opinion. Man did not and cannot Create anything and will never be the master of the Universe or Nature. That is TRUE REALITY. That is true regardless of our acceptance or wilful denial.

Of course we could argue over what “true” means like any other “word” but no thanks.

Man needs Nature, that Nature does not need Man is evidenced by the “scientific crowd” having “determined” this planet is far older than Man. That is wonderful because it leaves no room for Chicken or the egg mental masturbation.

Today (2013) Man has contrived another level of existence I refer to as “this reality” which is entirely foreign to common sense, reason, logic and many important Historical records that formed the so-called civilization that brought Man through to the technologic nightmare unfolding before each of us “in this reality” - the “New Age” lie, the “Brave New World” lie, a George Orwell“1984” styled dystopia.

“This reality” is where Money and Power have pushed aside personal responsibility, integrity and Spirituality. It is rapidly morphing into a perverted anything goes creature feature freak show and criminal theme park or Zoo, with no sign of abatement in sight.

Idiocracy is a stupefied movie I recommend seeing, for a look into a crystal ball.

If there is going to be a future with man in the picture, Mankind can and actually needs to return to lower levels of thought to avail itself to the many gifts Nature already has given us to work with in the TRUE REALITY.


Gen-E-Sys II technology is mechanically very simple. Yet it has very real dynamics unlike anything currently in use to generate electricity.

The best way I can come up with to be certain you understand what you are being presented is to break it up into questions about separate concepts that you can either blindly ignore or reject offhand . However I am sure if you are honest you will find yourself not actually having true first hand personal "knowledge" on many of the true realities/concepts that are in play making this lowered level of technology do what it does and does not do.

CONCEPT: Kinetic energy

Is Kinetic energy real?

What is Kinetic energy?

Do you already understand how to calculate the Kinetic energy of an object?

Does Kinetic energy develop exponentially?

What is required for Kinetic energy to develop?

What are three limits on Kinetic energy development?

CONCEPT: Horsepower

Is Horsepower real?

What is one Horsepower?

What is one Horsepower second?

Do you already understand how to calculate Horsepower?

Is Torque real?

What is one foot pound of Torque?

Can Torque be both increased meaning developed or decreased meaning reduced?

Do you already understand how to calculate Torque?

Are Mechanical advantages of basic machines real?

Can you name the three basic machines of classical mechanics/physics?

Has every possible use/combination of these machines already been done?

Moreover an ordinary electric motor with a properly sized solid Matter flywheel installed is doing the work of rotating it, and consumes less electrical power per second maintaining the Velocity of the flywheel than the Kinetic energy developed by the flywheel per second.

Though some will attempt, there is no wiggle room to deny the Truth in that simple sentence, and reality. Because; the flywheel is certainly subject to the First Law of motion, where the motor can be said to be subject other additional laws separately.

Albert Einstein's famous E=mc2 equation is but a clue to "Energy", one of the most misused, least understood words used.

"Energy" is not fuel and fuel is not "Energy".  Nuclear, gasoline, oil, natural gas, bio fuels are not "energy" they are fuels that must be converted into power and are consumed in the process. Although the processes differ fuel to fuel the end result

is the same, more pollution and deaths.

"Energy" is defined to mean the power and ability to do work. & "Power" is defined to be the force to move an object in space. & "Work" is defined to mean moving an object in space over time.

"Energy" is not Wind, Water, or Solar. These three are again fuels, much cleaner than those mentioned above with each requiring conversion equipment and each having practical application limitations that vary geographically as governed by Nature.

All of the fuels mentioned above do have Potential "energy" but are incapable of doing meaningful work, unless of course you are intent on radiating, burning, suffocating, enslaving, dominating others and or are intent on enriching yourself without regard for life.

It is a Miracle we have not killed ourselves already, though we might already be destined to go the way of the Dodo birds.

On a practical level, meaning one anyone anywhere can work with "Energy" it is either Potential or Kinetic. PERIOD !!! & Kinetic energy is the "energy" of Matter in motion, moving in space, over time. & Matter is an object, something having substance, mass. It exists as gaseous, liquid, and solid forms.

Mr. Einstein's theory is: Matter accelerated through space to the speed of light squared equals/becomes ENERGY. That alone is very telling. Please notice Matter, and Velocity are all that is required. We must presume the Matter occupies space and is upon an endless path due to the speed involved. With the above in mind, the "energy" he theorizes can only be Kinetic. We have already learned from his discoveries that we are incapable of dealing with even the speed of light let alone squared or even the low "energy" of Atom splitting nuclear devices, bombs.

In reality and at less than Relativistic Velocities we already are able to extract "energy" from Wind and Water fuels by using Windmills, Waterwheels, Machines of Classical Mechanics. This is possible because Wind is Air, Air is Matter in gaseous form, and Water is Matter in liquid form. Either form is Matter and when any Matter is in motion Kinetic "energy" is present. Both of these machines require Volumes of Matter in motion having Velocity to harvest Kinetic "energy", as mechanical energy. Both require continuous supply of Kinetic/Mechanical energy/power else the work of turning their generators and producing the electricity comes to a stop.

Mechanical energy is the power of Kinetic "energy" doing work.

Kinetic/Mechanical energy is the primary energy we use on this planet. If you look deep enough you will find it is behind most of everything we do and most of what we think "energy" is must first be converted to Mechanical energy to be used.

Foolishly we have allowed ourselves to be misled away from the real energy of the Universe and the source of all things existing in it. We have been misled by men who tell us they have "energy" oil, gas, pills, thrills, fun, excitement, health, wealth, a fountain of youth and the like for sale, at a price. A dumbed down, drugged up Virtual reality is at best an ILL-usion that will not, and cannot last as any form of a civilization.

If you sense any Truth in all of this please take Time to:

Think as to what can be done with an ordinary electric motor and a flywheel made of Matter in the solid form, and as to what can be done with the endless path a circle provides in a machine of Classical Mechanics design.

Think about the flywheel powered shears, punches, presses, and rock crushers that built everything we now "enjoy" in this so-called "High tech" world. A world I see going more unreal high-tech-NO-logic by the day.

Think carefully as to what REAL WORK can be done about the socioeconomic path we are on, and where it leads and came from.

Think again as to your perceptions and "understanding" of what is and is not real.

Skeptics are encouraged to think long and hard about where Nature and yourself comes from, because no physical thing can come from nothing IN REALITY.

To be continued …….

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned … over Time