Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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Time waits for no one. No not even me.

The “TIME MACHINE” H.G. Wells wrote of is science FICTION in reality and will remain just that because of what time flows from, presuming of course you “believe” there is time and reality.

In the beginning of "our time" there was but God.

God's work is explained in the book of Genesis which tells us how we and everything we have been given in this world and the world itself came into existence.

But that is just a book written by men, men with an agenda most people today would say can be dismissed because "our science" says otherwise. We all have lied and been wrong more times than we care to admit.

What we think of as a significant period of time has passed since "our time" started. It also tells us "our time" is but an instant or a vapor. I accept that 60 to 80 years is but an instant compared to thousands of "years" of recorded history, let alone since any "beginning of time itself" far beyond anyone's comprehension.

History shows us that down through time men, women, and children have been given gifts of many kinds. Some of those gifts have made "our time" in this world much easier than that of our ancestors.

Specifically I invite you consider the 3 basic machines of "physics" which are the WHEEL, the LEVER, and the INCLINED PLANE are gifts to Mankind. God given gifts to us all and with Time to discover Truth.

The Wheel

A wheel is Matter having potential energy. Once in motion it has Kinetic energy. Putting it in motion from rest required power and force for a period of time to overcome Inertia and friction.

We know we can pulse power/force into a wheel for periods of time that are less than one full revolution of the wheel and Kinetic energy in the wheel will carry it around to get another pulse, time after time. That is what we do in piston engines to make Horsepower, converting combustible fuels into heat energy, pressure force to act on levers that convert linear motion to rotary to get Torque and RPM.

We also "know" that losses abound in engines as we currently design/manufacture/use/consume them and everything involved with them is terribly INEFFICIENT even today after 200+ years.

Most importantly we "know" a wheel does not "create" energy because laws of physics say so. Therefore a wheel never has more "energy" than was put into it.

Right? YES _X___ or NO ___ ?

BTW: The answer is YES and for the record the one and only form of "energy" that can be directly used to put a wheel in rotary motion is Mechanical energy.

Mechanical energy involves matter in motion. Wheels are basic machines of the lever family.

Gen-E-Sys II lowers the level of thought and belief of the highly scientific, religiously tech-NO-logic crowd to a lowered level of sustainable electro mechanical machines that allow man to use the gift of time intelligently, in harmony with Nature and the source of Time itself.

Time is the most precious gift a man can be bestowed I have learned. It and its source have humbled me to come to understand the truth of this in ways I am unable to express in “words” alone. Hard learned lessons they were, very real in deed.

No we cannot “Create” time, we are allowed to use it. We are allowed to split time mechanically, and we always were.

Somewhat like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ wore the silver/ruby slippers unaware that she had the power to get herself and Toto back to Kansas all along. Once she appealed to the good witch she needed to go home, she was granted knowledge she did not have before asking.

My time on the journey through life took me along many paths searching for things, many of which were not needed or important to sustain myself. Objects are material in nature, money is a deceptive illusion of wealth. Along the paths I threw away many things I now regret while chasing after dreams that can’t come true. It took Time to smack me upside the head to see the cold reality of what is important, that is the source of Time itself.

It is inescapable fact that individual time runs out without regard for our belief.

If you need to build a machine to split time mechanically, just use a clutch, electrically use a switch, hydraulically use a valve. Doing so sets up a practical method of developing time within time very logically, and control the flow of power developed in objects made of Matter placed in motion for use as fuel. Now you know something that has been available to us all, including the skeptics of the material world. It is BASIC, and is that simple.

If you are too busy making money or in a hurry and do not care to learn how to do the design yourself you may pay a “workman” who has lifted his finger to do the work required with knowledge learned from the source of Time itself.

When you find you lack the “self-knowledge” as I did, you might consider to do as I did: Admit it on bended knees and ask for vision and guidance, because it is written;

"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Matthew 21:22

You might learn more than you asked for, in ways that will make you pinch yourself.

And so it went, over Time Gen-E-Sys II and the Liberty EN-GEN came to be.

There is much more information to be revealed:

In the drawings, writings and other work already done but not shown here for lack of Time, Space, and money. Many other far better methods to DEVELOP any amount of HORSEPOWER you need and without “fuel” as you currently understand that “word”.

Electro - Mechanically DEVELOPING HORSEPOWER, sustainable till Time pulls the plug.

That HORSEPOWER is FREE from NATURE, produces zero pollution beyond the original manufacture.

The Gen-E-Sys II ~ Liberty EN-GEN machines are not free, they require real materials, real work, real Time and money to design, construct, install, and maintain in “this reality”. Far more Time and effort than one man can do alone.

My, my; what a thought. People could/would have work and a real “economy” upon which to build their life while cleaning up some of our mess. The mess we all made living the filthy corrupt ways we have so long survived in wilful denial of the actual price we are about to pay, like it or not.

Get interested, start helping yourself and others that truly need your help. In “this reality” that includes all people.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned … over Time