ASAP CNC backgauges for pressbrakes and shears are the choice to consider other than Hurco, Automec, Zakron if you are looking for UNMATCHED Quality and Value with Lifetime Support at prices we are proud of.


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M4 control, One job 5 bends

CNC and MANUAL retro-fit backgauge systems for press brakes and shears.
All of our gauges are very rigid, constructed from heavy one piece castings
or from machined steel weldments to provide repeatable precision positioning
Our single and multi axis controls are designed to be simple to program.
They are precise and very reliable with a
2 year warranty and Lifetime Support.
Many units are from stock

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MX99 single & multi axis Now 255 jobs 255 moves
SAS2 gauge for 2 to 6' press brakes
Slik Stop push/pull/stop NEW
SS2 gauge for 2 to 6' Upstroking machines
PT2440 punch table for iron workers
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TS2 low profile for Upstroking machines
TAS2-25-M for 6 to 14' brakes
SWS dual drive
Rear shear gauge CHD

Precision * Quality * Performance