Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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First read what force is currently explained as in two very respectable encyclopedias:

“McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia: Force

Force may be briefly described as that influence on a body which causes it to accelerate. In this way, force is defined through Newton's second law of motion.

This law states in part that the acceleration of a body is proportional to the resultant force exerted on the body and is inversely proportional to the mass of the body. An alternative procedure is to try to formulate a definition in terms of a standard force, for example, that necessary to stretch a particular spring a certain amount, or the gravitational attraction which the Earth exerts on a standard object. Even so, Newton's second law inextricably links mass and force. See also Acceleration; Mass.

One may choose either the absolute or the gravitational approach in selecting a standard particle or object. In the so-called absolute systems of units, it is said that the standard object has a mass of one unit. Then the second law of Newton defines unit force as that force which gives unit acceleration to the unit mass. Any other mass may in principle be compared with the standard mass (m) by subjecting it to unit force and measuring the acceleration (a), with which it varies inversely. By suitable appeal to experiment, it is possible to conclude that masses are scalar quantities and that forces are vector quantities which may be superimposed or resolved by the rules of vector addition and resolution.

In the absolute scheme, then, the equation F = ma is written for nonrelativistic mechanics; boldface type denotes vector quantities. This statement of the second law of Newton is in fact the definition of force. In the absolute system, mass is taken as a fundamental quantity and force is a derived unit of dimensions MLT−2 (M = mass, L = length, T = time).

The gravitational system of units uses the attraction of the Earth for the standard object as the standard force. Newton's second law still couples force and mass, but since force is here taken as the fundamental quantity, mass becomes the derived factor of proportionality between force and the acceleration it produces. In particular, the standard force (the Earth's attraction for the standard object) produces in free fall what one measures as the gravitational acceleration, a vector quantity proportional to the standard force (weight) for any object. It follows from the use of Newton's second law as a defining relation that the mass of that object is m = w/g, with g the magnitude of the gravitational acceleration and w the magnitude of the weight. The derived quantity mass has dimensions FT2 L−1. See also Free fall.

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Or from

Columbia Encyclopedia: force

force, commonly, a "push" or "pull," more properly defined in physics as a quantity that changes the motion, size, or shape of a body. Force is a vector quantity, having both magnitude and direction. The magnitude of a force is measured in units such as the pound, dyne, and newton, depending upon the system of measurement being used. An unbalanced force acting on a body free to move will change the motion of the body. The quantity of motion of a body is measured by its momentum, the product of its mass and its velocity. According to Newton's second law of motion (see motion), the change in momentum is directly proportional to the applied force. Since mass is constant at ordinary velocities, the result of the force is a change in velocity, or an acceleration, which may be a change either in the speed or in the direction of the velocity.

Two or more forces acting on a body in different directions may balance, producing a state of equilibrium. For example, the downward force of gravity (see gravitation) on a person weighing 200 lb (91 km) when standing on the ground is balanced by an equivalent upward force exerted by the earth on the person's feet. If the person were to fall into a deep hole, then the upward force would no longer be acting and the person would be accelerated downward by the unbalanced force of gravity. If a body is not completely rigid, then a force acting on it may change its size or shape. Scientists study the strength of materials to anticipate how a given material may behave under the influence of various types of force.

There are four basic types of force in nature. Two of these are easily observed; the other two are detectable only at the atomic level. Although the weakest of the four forces is the gravitational force, it is the most easily observed because it affects all matter, is always attractive and because its range is theoretically infinite, i.e., the force decreases with distance but remains measurable at the largest separations. Thus, a very large mass, such as the sun, can exert over a distance of many millions of miles a force sufficient to keep a planet in orbit. The electromagnetic force, which can be observed between electric charges, is stronger than the gravitational force and also has infinite range. Both electric and magnetic forces are ultimately based on the electrical properties of matter; they are propagated together through space as an electromagnetic field of force (see electromagnetic radiation). At the atomic level, two additional types of force exist, both having extremely short range. The strong nuclear force, or strong interaction, is associated with certain reactions between elementary particles and is responsible for holding the atomic nucleus together. The weak nuclear force, or weak interaction, is associated with beta particle emission and particle decay; it is weaker than the electromagnetic force but stronger than the gravitational force.

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That is all well and good however just reading or knowing about force does little to nothing in TRUE REALITY to bring us to where we need to be, in Harmony with Nature. All the armchair debate in the world, all the writing and quibbling over academics for hundreds of years without proper use of the FORCES of Nature has ever DEVELOPED Electricity from the “electric force” the Universe is full of. Not for any lack of brain power either, I suspect the timing was not correct in the “Big picture” no man sees.

We have already DEVELOPED highly efficient generators/alternators that do harvest Electricity from nature and motors that require and use Electricity.

Yes “force” is what is holding us back but it is likely not any of the “four basic types of force in nature”, it may well be the force of darkness that exists in every single person on this planet known as greed. If you sincerely expect to get “free energy” meaning Electricity in this case you are going to first have to find the “energy” within yourself to overcome that darkness and shift your way of life to one of helping others with your ability to do work.

Outside of our own selves there are collectives, groups, organizations, religions, political bodies etc., etc. of people that have pooled their forces and dominate others in what has become “this reality”. A virtual “Hell on Earth” for increasing masses of people”.

It does not have to be like that, it will not continue, Nature always seeks balance and it laws of equilibrium always win when it decides enough is enough. History provides convincing evidence of the verity of these words.

Let’s move on to what you need: Natures FORCE of Electricity.

Starting with How a Windmill / Wind "turbine" Works;

These FREE ENERGY harvesting devices do "WORK" exactly as every other device on this Earth. They convert Kinetic energy within Matter in motion to mechanical energy. In this case it is available as HORSEPOWER: made of Torque and RPM able to do the "WORK" of powering an Alternator/Generator that is a machine capable of highly efficient harvesting of Electricity which is a Force of Nature that is stronger than Gravity.

The Matter that is in motion for this device is in gaseous state called Air, and in a fluid like flow more commonly called Wind. Wind is Air and Air is Matter, and Air in motion it has Kinetic energy stored within each and every molecule in motion. However we typically do not think of Air as a "fluid", but it is very fluid like, and it flows in a streamline of independent particles moving generally the same direction and Velocity. The Air molecules in that streamline that impinge on the blades/airfoils transfer their Kinetic energy to the blade/airfoil.

Since Air has very low mass so it requires huge VOLUMES of Air/Wind Matter and or VELOCITY to make large quantities of Horsepower to drive large generators.

That is one reason why the one's we see going up everywhere are as huge as they are. That alone is reason to understand they are impractical.

There simply is not enough mass to Air to be a viable solution in every local situation, nor is it constant enough to power the planets electrical needs. In short Wind turbines are quite romantic, but not really practical ANYWHERE.

However they offer you a chance to grasp several very fundamental keys you must understand about what ""Energy" really is and is not. Despite everything you presently have been taught and bought "Hook line and sinker” without perhaps even ever have given it a thought Wind turbines operate on Kinetic energy converted to Mechanical energy.

Not only do Wind turbines depend on Wind/Air, they depend on Mechanical advantage to increase the Kinetic energy available from low mass Air to high Torque at low RPM HORSEPOWER. The blades are levers at the same time they act somewhat similarly to sails on a boat catching the wind.

The length of the blades  is a LEVER. Levers increase FORCE and  when used on Rotating shafts the force is measured as Torque.


A rotating shafts Velocity is measured as RPM, and with Torque on a rotating shaft : Torque (ft. lbs force) x RPM / 5252 = HORSEPOWER.

More FORCE means more TORQUE, more TORQUE means more HORSEPOWER.

More HORSEPOWER means more ability to do WORK such as turning a conventional Alternator/Generator to harvest the FORCE OF NATURE known by “men of science” as ELECTRICITY.

No FORCE OF NATURE is able to be “owned” by any man. They are all FREE and for all people who are Spirited enough to be able to LEARN to use the FREE WILL they were endowed with by their Creator upon their Spirit being entered into this physical world.

The Alternator/Generator inside a so-called "Wind turbine" cannot perform the WORK of harvesting the FREE ELECTRICITY using only "Energy" because "Energy" is merely a word. Words have no real ability to do "work" other than the "work" of CON-vincing us we must work towards our own enslavement, that we do not know as much as men with fine suits, or men with pieces of paper from other men before them that claim to be smarter than those before them.

Wind is not "Energy". Wind is simply Air moving through Space in a fluid like flow.

Air in motion is MATTER IN MOTION, and a machine is REQUIRED to extract the God given Kinetic Energy from any matter in motion, the machine is one of only 3 basic machines known to man - THE LEVER.


It is heartbreaking to watch so many people buy into the LIES that are being used to trap each and every one of us as DEBT SLAVES that are empowering corporate monstrosities that have no regard for anything but $$$ "Profit" and domination of others by their monopolistic practices.

Now pay very close attention; notice that the Wind with its Kinetic energy  comes from an entirely separate and ISOLATED system, that exists outside the Wind turbine. The Wind turbine is placed in situations/locations known to have frequent and strong streamlines of Wind/Air that occur Naturally by way of the FORCES of Nature.

A “Hydro electric turbine” system works almost identically except that the Kinetic energy driving it comes from Matter that is LIQUID IN STATE. Matter which is Liquid in state has more mass density and therefore has higher potential energy for a given VOLUME compared to Wind/Air Matter GASEOUS IN STATE. “Hydro electric turbines are placed in locations known to have continuous VOLUMES of Water that occur Naturally by way of the FORCE of Nature, and allow man to set up a situation that allows man to EXTRACT Kinetic energy from Matter in motion by way of GRAVITY which is another FORCE of Nature. Notice again that the streamline of flowing volumes of Water with its Kinetic energy comes from an entirely separate and ISOLATED system, that exists outside the “Hydro electric turbine

The principles of operation are identical but each requires a specialized Machine, properly designed to work with and in the available and particular STREAMLINE of MATTER IN MOTION, without regard to  what FORCE causes the Matter in the streamline to move.

In either of these systems man is allowed by Nature to utilize other devices that cause pressure and velocity differentials in SPACE and Time that result in increased FORCE. Those devices are known to “men of science” as the Venturi.

Both systems rely upon the FORCE of Nature to SERVE MAN making his Time here less laborious. Neither depend upon $$$ beyond the original expenditure. Neither consume “fossil fuel” nor not add to air or water pollution.

Both systems are not practical to service the entire population with Electricity everywhere upon this world. That is a fact because the Space and natural resources that are required to access these FORCES of Nature have had price tags attached to them by men. Selfish men.

Gen-E-Sys II technology uses the best of both without the drawbacks of either. The motor is mechanically ISOLATED, and it must be. Specialized machines for certain, unlike any others.

I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned ……. over Time