Gen-E-Sys II

Generated Energy Systems. Power plants using solid Matter in motion as “Fuel”.  *  Inspired by our Creator the Alpha, God.



From and in NATURE.

FREEDOM is a Key.

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Concept # ZERO People getting over themselves

Concept #1 Harmony with Nature & its flow of Power

Concept #2 People helping People

Concept #3 Power to the People

Concept #4 Sustainability, self sufficiency

Concept #5 Power density, $$$ & uncommon sense

Moreover, here is what matters: ALL Conventional generators/alternators require and can use ONLY ONE THING: HORSEPOWER.

They do not care about gasoline, diesel fuel, nuclear, steam, wind, water, sunshine or "energy", fuel, Santa Claus, laws, man, beliefs etc.. They need HORSEPOWER. Period.!

Now you tell me: What is the ONE AND ONLY THING ALL electric motors require?

Electricity of course, and they in turn make HORSEPOWER. So we can see the two are a seeming perfect match for each other. Each makes exactly what the other requires so we should be able to connect them together and we will have “Free energy”. However many people have tried for years to do so without success. They are often labeled as Perpetual Motion believers or worse.

With that in mind we should realize there is more to the story than meets the eye, we are missing something or unable to see what is really going on with these two very real relatively simple machines. While we’re at it; just perhaps something less than good intentions is also going on in the hearts and minds the people concerned: all of us.

Many people discuss utilizing back EMF as a way to improve efficiency of a motor. Nonsense I tell you! Motors and generators are fine the way they are when used within the limits of the design.

KEY CONCEPTS, a few of many and very abbreviated reasoning why they are

Kinetic energy, because without it there cannot be Mechanical energy.

Inertia, because without it there would be no resistance to change.

Space, because without it there would be nowhere for us to do WORK

Simplicity, because our current level of complexity is not sustainable.

Over efficiency of any machine but it is only one many.

Freedom, because you and I were born to WORK and be Free, not slaves.

Leverage, because without it there is no Mechanical Advantage.

Open systems, because closed systems do not permit required exchanges of “energy”.

Velocity, because without it there would be no motion, thus no energy or LIFE at all.

Exchange of value, allows GIVERS & MAKERS to figure out who the “TAKERS” are.

“Energy” is a KEY concept because it is what keeps things in motion/living.

Horsepower is a KEY concept because without it you cannot drive a generator.

Mechanical energy, because without it there is no HORSEPOWER…

Mechanical Advantages, because Force, Pressure, Distance, Work can be leveraged…

Force, because without it there is no power or pressure to do WORK…

Pressure differentials, because without them there is no flow of power …

Velocity differentials, because without them no pressure differentials exist…

Time, because we must do our WORK at a measured and sustainable rate…

Time differentials, because without them no Velocity differentials exist…

Momentum, because without it there will be no way to split Time mechanically…

Distance, to allow measure of motion through Space…

Paths, because everything in motion is on a path, often more than one, its own path…

Planes, because everything that is anything real must exist on something…

Mass, because without it Matter would not DEVELOP Kinetic “energy” at all…

Volume, because this can be used to gain momentum, distance, velocity, geometrically..

Scale, because we need to be able to size our stuff to allow practicality…


Matter, because without it there is nothing physical to put in motion to DEVELOP Kinetic energy with and within the Matter itself for conversion to Mechanical “energy” and extract as……..

Laws of physics, because without them all of this would be unreasonable! PERIOD!

There are many, many KEY concepts that we do not see or refuse to accept when we do, beyond those above. As men, (ladies too) we all tend to over complicate just about everything we do today. Young people reading this if you look back in Time through History you will realize things were not always the way they are, and they were much simpler not that long ago.

Our problems are many, the solutions to them can only be solved by us. Doing so requires a first step. In this website is a gift I was given for all of us to share in. I do so with hope that you will see that the next steps will require you to do your part to begin implementing logical solutions to our "Energy" problems.

Energy is just a word. Words often have multiple meanings. Unfortunately they are our only means of orally communicating individual thoughts between ourselves and others.

Words do not have physical existence and are not capable of doing any real work.

The “E” of E = mc2 is Kinetic energy developed in Matter in motion. Because Matter is Energy.

It is that simple. No rocket science. No college degree needed. No high level mathematics required.

Please observe that formula has only matter, mass, velocity in it and the result is “E” for Energy. To "think" it is more complicated than that is not logical.

At the practical level conventional electrical power generators/alternators require ONE and ONLY ONE thing to perform work: make electricity within their design limits, which is HORSEPOWER.

HORSEPOWER is mechanical "energy" that is composed of only two things Torque and Rpm.

Mechanical "energy" is the only method to do the WORK of driving conventional electrical power generators/alternators. It is what powers every wind and hydro turbine on Earth. Both operate on Matter in motion, one on gaseous Matter, the other on liquid Matter.

Mechanical "energy" is Kinetic "energy" doing WORK as defined by the physics community.

Kinetic "energy" is Matter in motion. Which is exactly what Einstein theorized, at the Atom level in his famous but poorly understood formula.

One KEY to the solution to our "energy" problem is understanding Horsepower and DEVELOPED HORSEPOWER from Solid matter in motion sized to be worked with on the practical level. Not the Atomic or Nano particle level. It is that simple. Without Matter in motion there is no ability to do WORK and no "energy" on any scale or level. Then implementing production of the practical products to free ourselves from those holding us all hostage in one way or another.

Here is a gift the stingy "experts" did not give: A formula to solve/calculate HORSEPOWER DEVELOPED PER SECOND by Solid Matter objects in rotary motion, namely Flywheels used as Fuelwheels that are not consumed.

HP/sec = KE x .7376 x Rpm / 5252 / 550

KE (Joules), ~ .7376 (converts Joules to ft. lbs Torque), ~ Rpm (Revolutions per minute), ~ 5252 (constant per minute), ~ 550 (constant per second)

Notice that there is No rocket science here either. See; It is simple.

Here is how to solve/calculate Kinetic "energy" in Joules of a simple flywheel;

KE = 0.5 x Inertia x (V x V); for disk type; (and x 2 for ring type)

Inertia = .5 x mass x (radius x radius); ( Moment of inertia for disk type )

V = (rpm/60) x 2 x 3.142; ( converts RPM to radians per second )

With mass = m / 1000; ( converts grams to kilograms )

radius = d/2 / 1000; ( converts mm to meters )

Notice the E in KE, the mass of the wheel, and the V for velocity are all present. They are all that is in E = mc2, period!

Most importantly they are on a practical level, one that Nature allows us to use.

All units in that formula are metric standard the world over, not mine. To use "American" SAE units simply convert to metric units as follows:

ounces of mass = (m / 16) / 2.204; ( ounces to kilograms )

inches of radius = (d/2) x 2.54 / 100; ( inches to meters )

Another KEY; Next understand that electric motors require and can use ONE and ONLY ONE thing: electricity to do their work of converting electrical "energy" into Mechanical "energy". Period!

So input electricity, convert it to Kinetic/mechanical, transmit it to the "Mechanics in the middle", those forth class levers described elsewhere that add energy by placing more Matter in motion to DEVELOP ADDITIONAL KINETIC/MECHANICAL ENERGY, use the DEVELOPED mechanical energy also known as HORSEPOWER to power generators or alternators with Torque and Rpm and send the electricity to the motor that is not mechanically connected the the generator by anything other than copper wires.

It is that simple. No "high tech" electronics, no special motors or generator/alternators are required. The only limits to the “E” we can develop are those of the structural strengths of materials used and of course the limitations of our own minds.

Beyond all of this are the details of the over efficient "Mechanics in the middle" required to put it all together. They already exist.

Drawings and services for any capacity Gen-E-Sys II power plant and Liberty EN-GEN’s are available by request/contract.

Lastly know that you can throw all the "energy" of any form/kind you like at a generator or alternator and unless it is Mechanical energy you cannot even get access to Natures FREE ELECTRICITY let alone dream of DEVELOPING more output than input.!


To be continued …….. With your Help?

I can show you facts and evidence but cannot FORCE you to THINK.

I leave it to you to decide why on Earth the information provided here is here and make CONTACT to let me know your thoughts, questions and comments by email.

To be learned ……. over Time